Acromegaly Guide for Building a Support Group

Having a strong support system to rely on is important to health and wellness. We are pleased to announce a new ACROMEGALY GUIDE FOR BUILDING A SUPPORT NETWORK now available. This guide provides a comprehensive list of available acromegaly resources, including social media sites. For anyone interested in taking a leadership role in the patient community, there is step-by-step information on how to start a support group, including recruitment and discussion topics.
The guide really drives home the point that patients are not alone in their journey, and that there are others out there who are feeling the same way and looking for someone to connect with. Patients will be able to use the guide’s resources to communicate with other affected individuals through online resources and virtual communication. Geographic location will not be a factor in finding support!
This guide was developed by Novartis as part of its ongoing commitment to providing information and empowering those individuals with acromegaly. 
To obtain a copy of the Acromegaly Guide for Building a Support Network click here or go to